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Our business managed by Pietro Boffa began making wine on its own in the 60's. Carlo Boffa, the owner, supervises the wine growing and the winemaking industry, while Laura, his wife, handles the firm's business and trading. The wine cellar is situated on the way to BarbarescoTower. All it takes is forewarning and in a friendly environment wines can be tasted so that you can have direct knowledge of the whole range.

Ours is a small reality specialized in the production of the great red wines of the zone.The surface of the vineyard is of around 4 hectares divided in: Nebbiolo grapes from which two selections of Barbaresco, "Vigna del Casot" and "Vigna Vitalotti", and Langhe Nebbiolo wine are produced; Dolcetto grapes to make Dolcetto d'Alba wine Barbera grapes to make Barbera d'Alba "Vigna Buschet".

We use the most modern technologiesin our wine cellar, however the winemaking processing still remains very traditional. The alcoholic fermentation can take quite long and it allows to extract from the peels great quantities of colors, flavours and tannins.

All combined with a period of refinement in great oak barrels, it gives a tanning of evolved perfumes, a velvety softness and a strong and austere character to the wines. The particular care in the workmanship of the vineyard, the most modern agronomic techniques and the wise thinning out of the grapes in the months of July and August, let us have special raw material: grapes rich in sugar, dyestuff and polyphenols.That is a very fine starting point to make first-rate red wines.

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